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Aerial platform, Harmonie DC

# Product number : EL-103V2

  • Acsenseur maison (Plate-forme élévatrice Harmonie)
  • Lève personne handicapée (Plate-forme élévatrice, Ascenseur maison)
  • Monte personne handicapée (Plate-forme élévatrice)
  • Ascenseur de maison Plate-forme élévatrice regard vitré (Ascenseur maison)
  • Plate-forme élévatrice EL-103V2 Harmonie AC
  • Bouton ascenseur (Plate-forme élévatrice) personne handicapée
  • Ascenseur résidentiel de maison (Plate-forme élévatrice)
  • Porte ascenseur maison (Plate-forme élévatrice)
  • Poste commande ascenseur de maison
  • Rail ascenseur pour plate-forme élévatrice Elevabec
  • Plate-forme élévatrice EL-103V2 Harmonie AC
  • Rail ascenseur Plate-forme élévatrice EL-103V2

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Aerial platform, Harmonie DC

# Product number : EL-103V2


Harmonie is an indoor vertical trajectory elevator platform installed in a closed shaft. Adapted for people with reduced mobility, in wheelchair with or without accompanier, this elevator is designed and approved for commercial, institutional or residential sites. Top-of-the-line in its category. Harmonie DC: functions on batteries, which allows full autonomy in case of power failure and requires no mechanical chamber.


  • Functions in case of power failure
  • Requires no mechanical chamber
  • Moves smoothly
  • Easy to use
  •  Stable and strong mechanism and structure
  • Takes little space
  • Finishing harmonized with surrounding decor
  • Requires little care

Technical specifications

  • Model: #EL-103V2-24vcc, Harmonie DC Adapted for people in wheelchair, with or without accompanier
  • Category: Elevator platform for people with limited mobility
  • Shaft: closed
  • Standard: CAN/CSA-B355-09 & CAN/CSA-B613-00
  • Vertical trajectory
  • Maximum trajectory: Public 23’ / 7 m Single-family dwelling 45’ / 13.5 m
  • Capacity: 750 lb / 340 Kg Option: 1,000 lb / 453 Kg
  • Power: functions on 24 Volts DC current (Batteries)
  • Mechanic drive: Hydraulic cylinder and cables
  • Approximate speed: 23’ / minute or 0.13 metre / second
  • Size: many floor sizes available – width 32” to 36” / length 49” to 65” (metric: width 21.3 to 91.5 cm / length 124.5 to 165 cm)
  • Remote control buttons: maintained pressure
  • No mechanical chamber required: the driving mechanism is installed in the shaft of the elevator platform
  • Safety device on the doors keeping the platform from moving if: • a door is not closed correctly • the platform is in operation • the platform is not on the floor
  • Emergency descending: Safety device allowing manual functioning in case of emergency

Equipment included

  • 36” anti-skid handrail
  • Anti-skid floor covering
  • Ceiling with integrated eco-energetic light (DEL Type)
  • Adapted landing doors
  • Melamine finishing in cabin / choice of colour
  • Remote control on each floor
  • Remote control ON /OFF in the cabin
  • Remote control ON/OFF on each floor
  • Alarm and emergency-stop buttons in the cabin

Options and equipment available

  • Telephone or Intercom in the cabin
  • Automatic door opening
  • Multi-choice finishing panels; you can harmonize the device to your home style
  • Availability of a various models of interior and exterior landing doors adapted according to in force standards
  • Surface or invisible door closers, according to door model
  • Retarded action door closers
  • Various models of control buttons
  • Choice of lights for cabin ceiling
  • Ceiling with integrated lighting (various choices)

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