Efficient Equipments for Integrated Mobility

We are proud to offer our services to our clients and partners since 1981 !

Everyday Confidence and Essential

Confidence and essential everyday Élévabec offers the most complete range of high reliability elevators that allow to enjoy increased and efficient mobility every day.

Custom devices designed within functional limitations and constraints of the site.

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At-Home autonomy

Improve your level of independence at home with confidence using elevators manufactured and installed according to your daily needs.

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The combination of reliability and safety for your needs in terms of access and movement within your building. A range of specialized lifting equipment is available to you and your customers.

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Luxury at home

In a harmonious décor, increase your comfort at home with the Elegance residential elevator. Discreet and easy to use, it will save you the inconvenience of the stairs with your everyday traveling and handling.

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Reliability, durability and efficiency is often the summary of criteria sought in an investment for adaptation of a commercial building and it's also the summary of our series of specialized lifting devices.

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Kitchens & restaurants

For safe travel during handling, the EL-403 Dumbwaiter will meet your needs in terms of productivity and efficiency.

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Emergency service

514 741-0732

or dial 1-800-311-9977;230
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For caregivers and
social commitment

For over 35 years, Élévabec has truly been deeply involved in its community in general and with caregivers in particular. We honor their courage and more. Families have already been supported to acquire our elevators and their lives have changed forever.



Closed sheath interior elevator of residential ans commercial level. Snonymous of quality and reliability.

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Elevating platforms

Our highquality elevating platforms are adapted to perfectly fit your needs.

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A dumbwaiter designed to ensure safe travel during handling between floors and that provides increased productivity.

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