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Lift home, Elegance

# Product number : EL-603

  • Ascenseur maison Elevabec
  • Ascenseur de maison avec téléphone
  • Ascenseur résidentiel Elegance #EL-603 avec main courante antidérapante 36''
  • Ascenseur maison résidentiel Élégance
  • Ascenseur résidentiel Élégance
  • Bouton ascenseur résidentiel Élévabec

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Lift home, Elegance

# Product number : EL-603


The Élégance residential elevator offers you comfort, reliability and durability all along the trajectories you have to take in your home. Élégance distinguishes itself by its strong structure, smoothness in moving and ease of use.  In addition, the Élégance elevator reaches the floor you wish in a touch of fingertip. This product has been designed to ease your day life whilst it saves you from running up and down the stairs, particularly with demanding tasks.  A Québec made device in accordance with in force standards.


  • Finishing harmonized with your home
  • Direct action control (Instant pressure, elevator type)
  • Landing doors according to client's choice
  • Takes little space
  • Moves smoothly
  • Easy to use
  • Fast and silent mechanism
  • Stable and strong
  • Requires little care

Technical specifications

  • Model # EL-603 Élégance
  • Catégory : Residential elevator
  • Shaft : Closed
  • Standard : CAN/CSA-B44-07 (B44.1-04)
  • Vertical trajectory
  • Maximum trajectory 45’  high (13 716 mm)
  • Maximal capacity : 1000 lb / 454 Kg (May vary according to cabin size)
  • Power supply 208-240Vac 60hz
  • Mechanic drive : Hydraulic cylinder and cables
  • Approximate speed 40’/minute or (0,20 meter/second) according to the type of valve chosen for desired speed
  • Cabin size  : • Standard 36”x 60”
    • Other sizes upon request
  • Direct action control knob (Upon pressing)
  • Mechanical chamber : 36”X 24” Applyink to certain conditions
  • Lock : Interlock type/ double contact
  • Functional in-cabin emergency descending in case of power failure and manual descending device in mechanical room

Equipment included

  • Hugh-quality sliding cabin door (Accordion type)
  • Ceiling with integrated eco-energetic light ( DEL type)
  • 36' anti-skid handrail
  • Finishing: melamine or laminate panels according to client's choice'
  • Remote control on each floor and ON/OFF key switch
  • Remote control ON/OFF button in the cabin
  • In cabin, alarm and emergency-stop button
  • Anti-skid floor covering (Or client's choice)

Options and equipment available

  • Téléphone or Intercom inside the elevator
  • Multi-choice of finishing panels and floor coverings
  • Élégance can be laid out to match your home style
  • Automatic opening and closing cabin sliging door accordion type
  • Choice of landing doors; you can have models identical to the other doors in your home
  • Surface or invisible door closer, according to door model
  • Choice of control buttons
  • Choice of cabin ceiling lights

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