Efficient Equipments for Integrated Mobility

Track lift 450 (Portable)

  • Lève personne portatif
  • Lève personne portatif (Lève-personne)
  • Lève-personne portatif


  • One of the smallest and lightest on the market
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Easy transfer between different rail systems
  • Hygienic design modern and stylish ergonomic control
  • Easily operable, lightweight and compact ergonomic control
  • Easy care
  • Silent

Track lift 450 (Portable)


Our ceiling lifts, compatible with all models of existing rails on the market have been designed elegantly while promoting hygienic appearance. The ideal solution for the safe lifting aid and the transfer of disabled persons in a small space. This hoist and limit the risk of injury to the staff and helping ensure the comfort of the beneficiar

Technical specifications

  • Load capacity: 205 kg 450 lbs
  • Slew rate: 1.8-3cm second
  • Maximum range 200 cm
  • 26.4V 2.5 Ah NiMH battery

Equipment included

  • Bar integrated foldable hooks
  • Integrated handles
  • Loop transfer chamber
  • Keyboard on the lift unit
  • High capacity batteries
  • Night Light
  • Joystick
  • High capacity batteries

Options and equipment available

  • Several transfer fabrics are available